Tui Na Chi Medical VideoTui Na Chinese Medical Massage

 by Dr. Yong–Shou Dong and Dr. Tom Turcotte, 1995

This tape is scripted to teach rather than just demonstrate Tui Na. It demonstrates sixteen central Tui Na techniques with narration describing how to perform the technique. Accompanying graphics list the appropriate indications for use. These are stated in TCM terms, though some are provided with Western medical correspondences. Particular attention is paid to where and how each technique is best applied, the degrees of pressure, stimulus and expected bodily response. Importantly, the demonstration also shows how to achieve the strength and skill necessary to administer effective Tui Na. This is called "rice bag training" after the small, sewn bag of rice used for practice.

The instructor, Dr. Yong– Shou Dong, moves deftly and expertly. Each of the techniques is shown on both the rice bag and a model.

July–Dec 2009 Tai Qi/Qi Gong classes at the MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando