Tam Tui.

Circa 1985 — Doing Tam Tui on a long stem crystal wine glass. Hold for 3-5 minutes...test of strength and balance.

For Tom Turcotte, this life has been a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Wanting to experience every aspect of martial, medical and health oriented living, he has in his short fifty-seven years on the planet (as of 2010) experienced much.

His packman personality of accumulating knowledge and wisdoms from both mainstream and the esoteric keeps him motivated to stay on this long term path while helping all people—whether they are patient, friend, family or student.

First, he would like to thank his loving mother, father, brothers and sisters whose love and encouragement have kept him going when things got tough. He would also like to thank all his teachers, who gave him knowledge and a word of encouragement, or the ones that just threw him in the pool of life, waited for him to swim, then talked about the experience later (you know who you are).

He realized his destiny in this life was to become a bridge between the East and the West. Even though he was born with blue eyes, he has lived the oriental arts and philosophies most of his life, except for playing the drums and being an old rocker without much of the long hair anymore.

Anyway, here lies within these web walls—his life so far.